History of MAGiS

wydlogo2MAGiS began as an initiative to prepare young people for the World Youth Day celebrations held in a different country every two years. It originated during the World Youth Day of 1997 in Paris when a number of routes were organised to enable people to visit significant sites related to the origins of the Society of Jesus.

Identifying the desire of young people to participate in a program of Ignatian events, Horizon (Rome, 2000) and Ania (Toronto, 2002) offered young people the opportunity to prepare for World Youth Day through prayer, activities and sharing.

cologneIn Cologne 2005, the programme was given a new name and MAGiS was born. There were eighty experiments over four days for groups of 25 participants. In Sydney 2008 the same pattern was followed enabling 46 experiments for 1200 people. In Madrid 2011 nearly 2500 people participated in experiments across Spain. MAGiS 2013 took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In the intervening years, MAGiS has become a  movement of young adults committed to living faith actively, to prayer, sharing and social justice. In the summer of 2014 three local MAGiS events took place: one in Hungary organised by the Jesuits in Central Europe, one in Ireland, organised by the Jesuits of Flanders, Britain, Ireland and the Netherlands and a third one in Zimbabwe and Zambia by the Jesuits in Africa.

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