Review of the Day

Each day is filled with impressions, encounters and experiences. You go through happiness and disappointment, you may feel sadness, desire, enthusiasm and many other motions. It is important that you do not make a too rapid judgment on what you experience: God sometimes speaks to us in what gives us energy, at other times in what upsets us. By means of these experiences He wants to show you the way. If you allow ourselves to listen to the voice of God within you, you will be able to grow every day a bit more in freedom, in patience, in love.

The Review or Examen can be done everywhere: on the beach, in the car, at home or in the library.


The prayer of the Examen lasts 10 to 15 minutes and consists of five simple steps.

1. I BEGIN WITH SOME SIGN OR GESTURE, like bowing the head or making the sign of the cross. I try to imagine how God is looking at me and I become aware that God is with me now in this place.

2. I ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT for light to help me look over the past day.

3. I REVIEW THE DAY and place it before God.

» Moment by moment I see again the places I have been, the people I have met, the words I have spoken and the things that have happened. I ask myself: was I with God at that moment or not?

» What was the best aspect of the day? Why? What was the worst of the day? Why?

» All things considered, was this a good day or a bad day? What is God trying to tell me this day?

4. I THANK GOD for the day just past and I SAY SORRY for what has led me away from God.

5. I LOOK FORWARD to the next day and I ask God for what I need. I end by praying an Our Father or another prayer and I finish with the same gesture I began with.