MAGiS Circle

The MAGiS circle is a central part of the experience days. It gives you the chance to reflect on a day lived together, and to learn to appreciate and value its richness. It takes place in small groups with people from different backgrounds and different languages.

This form of sharing works best when each person is involved and speaks about some of his or her personal experience every day. Fundamental to these encounters is the capacity to listen. In the MAGiS circle it is not a matter of discussing or responding to what each person says. Instead, one makes room for others with respect, listening with attention and learning from their experiences and insights.


The MAGIS Circle should last between 45 minutes and one hour. It is led by one person and has five steps:

1. REFLECTION – Each person takes a moment to look over the day just passed.

The first two rounds are for listening only. As each person speaks, others listen; what the person says is not discussed – unless, if necessary, to make a clarification:

2. SHARING ROUND ONE – How has the day gone for me? Where did I feel great joy? When did I find things hard?

3. SHARING ROUND TWO – How were the day’s theme and the texts read in the morning present during the course of the day?

In the third round, there can be more discussion about what has been said. However, it is not about imposing a point of view or convincing others of a particular opinion. The object is to share experiences and learn from one another:

4. SHARING ROUND THREE – What especially struck me from what someone present has said? Is there anything else I would like to share in the light of what I have heard?

5. RAPID FINAL ROUND – Each person responds to the last question with one word or short phrase: What is my feeling at the end of the MAGiS circle?