Five Foundations of MAGiS

There are some aspects of the life of faith which are fundamental: action and prayer, the practice of examining one’s life to seek for God, the joy of celebration and the willingness to share. You will find these foundations each day during MAGiS, although they will take different forms depending on the situation. By practising them over these days, on your return home they can become part of your daily life together.

2014-08-10 17.37.271. Prayer creates a place for us to discover and develop a relationship with God.

2. Celebration is a common expression of the depth, joy and richness of the faith we share.

3. Activity is our service of others, the place of surprise, of learning and encounter.

4. Sharing puts our experience alongside that of others, since what others discover, live and communicate is a source of richness and growth.

5. The Review of the day is a daily time of reflection to find God in our experience and an aid to start discovering the threads that make up the tapestry of my life.