What is MAGiS?


Magis is the Latin word for “more” used by St Ignatius in encouraging those around him. The history of the event goes back to 1997.

Young adults come to MAGiS from all over Europe to shar an experience of friendship, service and faith. They come with different cultural backgrounds, different experiences of the Christian story and different expectations. But one things unites all participants to MAGiS: the thirst for magis in their life.

MAGiS is a pilgrimage, not a holiday! A pilgrimage can change the way you look at yourself, the other, the world. It is the beginning of a story where the end still has to be written. What kind of story would you like to be the story of your life, the story that people will remember when you are gone?

It was the deep belief of Ignatius of Loyola that the story of your life is best co-authored with God. How is this possible? Come to MAGiS, a summer gathering for young adults organised by the Jesuits and the Ignatian family. This year’s theme is many gifts, one Spirit.