Day 6: I’m Going on an Adventure!

Day 6

I felt like a hobbit on an adventure today. It was our last day before climbing Croagh Patrick (or as we sometimes call it, because of the impressed looks on faces of random people we get when we tell them where we are going, Mount of Doom).

The mountain grew sooooo big in the last couple of days. The first time we saw it, it was just a little blue triangle somewhere on the horizon and it now looks like a huge hill to climb. We would better get on top of it quickly before it grows even bigger ;).

Our todays adventure began with somehow still aching muscles but with our hopes held high because after yesterday trials we knew we could make it together. Most of our walking today happened on a bog. It was a very new and special experience for almost all of us. The soft ground just waiting to “eat” your shoes, unpredictable holes and little streams everywhere could probably be a reason to worry, but we were probably too distracted by the beautiful scenery all around us. Incredible nature helped to build up a sense of adventure and a lot of photo opportunities. And when we got to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time we were left speechless.

We figured out quickly that it doesn’t make any sense to look for and avoid every wet spot in a bog and learned to just enjoy the uniqueness of this special landscape as it is.

I can’t wait for tomorrow to reveal even more of Mayo’s unbelievably beautiful features.