Day 5: A Community Forming

Day 5

The team of today was community and we all got to experience its benefits at first hand. The day started really well. Sun was shining, we were all rested, our muscles stopped hurting … We were even walking at a good pace and were supposed to be half-way when we took todays lunch break. Knowing all this the whole day looked like a piece of cake (or even better, delicious Irish soda bread we ate for breakfast). After lunch and a little “shortcut” we took, however, our perspective changed. Walking became a challenge. The paths seemed steeper, feet became sore again and all the pains came back.

The only thing that kept us going was the community that we became in past three days. Whether it was walking in silence, climbing over broken walls, singing or distracting each other by playing games, so we wouldn’t think of our struggles … We did it together. At times when we needed support we got it from our new friends who were just as exhausted as we were. We reached our goal together even though the last 30 minutes of walking somehow extended into an hour. Together we managed to do things we could have never achieved alone.

We are happy that we did all of this today because we know that our struggles are only temporary, but our memories will last forever.