Day 3: Raingear Experts in Training

Day 3

The sentence I said most today is: “I could live here.” We spent the whole day walking through the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. The green hills full of cows and sheep, forest, bog … everything was simply perfect.

We got an opportunity to fully experience Irish weather. This beautiful sunny morning turned into a day full of rain showers after only 10 minutes of walking. After yesterday we knew that this could happen any moment so it took us a lot less time to arrange our raingear when we needed it. It was probably a quite amazing scene to see … 15 people stopping for just a few short moments to put on their rain jackets and cover their backpacks with waterproof covers.  And this was just a beginning. From this first shower on we were always prepared to face some more Irish liquid sunshine. We even stopped taking breaks when it started raining. When we felt we are getting wet we just put on our hoods ad continue walking. We are almost completely adapted to Irish weather now ;).

Another fascinating sight of today were running animals. Some ran to us (we either look really nice in our raingear or they were extremely hungry) but even more galloped away from us. It was marvelous to see a herd of cows that looked like they were pretending to be horses. Being scary in the eyes of sheep and cows showed to be very exhausting. We struggled to stay awake to spend some more time together, but for most of us even keeping our eyes open after magis circles was too hard. It’s good to know that we have a day off tomorrow.