Day 2: Irish Hospitality

Day 2

Today was the first day we spent walking together, but at the end of the day sore feet and tired legs almost weren’t discussed. It was the Irish hospitality we couldn’t stop talking about.

Our day started on a pretty sunny morning and we felt so lucky to see rain at some distance behind us and some blue sky (only small parts of it between the clouds, of course) in front of us, that our first common rain shower caught us totally unprepared.

It was lunch time when we were being rained on for the third time so we decided to stop and eat somewhere. We were passing a barn that looked appealingly dry to us, so we stopped and knocked on the door of a house right next to it. We couldn’t believe our ears when we got invited to rather come into the house. It was amazing! These people we’ve just met were prepared to welcome 15 wet and not very clean total strangers into their home. And their hospitality didn’t even end there. We occupied their living room where we ate lunch and they took a really good care of us. They offered us tea, showed us around their farm and explained us the process of preparing turf. It felt extraordinary well to feel so relaxed and accepted because of some people we saw for the first time. We even celebrated the mass together right there in their living room.

A short lunch stop easily turned into more than two hours of hanging out with this awesome family. Being with them was just unexplainably awesome.

At the end of the day we all agreed that what they did for us was a perfect way of them showing us what it means to put catholic faith into action.