Let the Experience Begin!

IMG_4639Have you ever felt hopeless ’cause every single spot in the World was already discovered? Have you ever felt angry ’cause all nature is suppressed by skyscrapers & factories? Do you feel like the creation isn’t visible anymore? Then take a trip to Clonmacnois.

In Athlone we left our fellow pilgrims behind, floating on a Viking boat. A few meters away from the village the green meadows showed up. Standing on the ancient red wooden deck, with the rushing water beneath my feet & the wind in my hair, I was feeling more relaxed & free than Jack & Rose did in Titanic.

After a short taste of the typical Irish weather, the ruins of Clonmacnois welcomed us, warmed by the reborn sun. We were guided by the probably last surviving Irospanglish (Born in England, raised by Irish & educated in Spain) guide of the Island, who kept us laughing with his jokes & stories. We ended our tour in the last remaining church on the site, singing & praying together. The atmosphere couldn’t be more intense…

Back in our house in Clonmacnois, I was relieved when a friend told me how she feels here, because I thought I was the only one. The silence here is overwhelming. We don’t like the vulnerability and we don’t want to face ourselves. But that’s what the experience is about. That’s what we came here for.

In this moment, while I’m lying on my matress, my head on my pillow (quite luxurious after three nights with neither bed nor pillow :) ), I wonder what these ruins will lead us to.

Let the MAGiS experience begin. It’s on!

Met vriendelijke groeten,


Hanne Van Meirhaeghe