Day 6: Welcome to the Jungle

Do not wear jeans! Bring sunglasses and a bowl! These and some more were the instructions we got in preparation for our survival training. With all our senses we discovered the woods: admiring the scenery, that actually was breathtaking, trying to smell the summer flowers, carefully touching stinging leaves and tasting berries. Our guide Kieran made us collect firewood, sticks that should be as thick as the inside of a pen, a pencil or maximum as thick as a finger. Avoiding matches, using flint and steel, we started little fires in cautiously prepared fireplaces, where we cooked our delicious lunch.

Now having learned how to start a fire and to cook on it, the only knowledge missing to guarantee our survival in the wilderness was how to built a shelter. The group of 16 people achieved in some minutes the goal, what a single person would have needed 4 to 6 hours for: finding an adequate spot for the shelter, collecting sticks of different sizes and leaves to tighten the place. The best part of the constructions was of course to test the quality of life inside the shelter.

We still had enough energy to rehearsal for our glorious performance in Loyola Hall. Some tickets are still available, but you have to hurry up!

Perhaps you are still wondering about the jeans. As they dry very slowly, it’s the perfect way of catching hypothermia.

Ursula and Pablo