Day 5: Feeding the World

How many people can the earth feed? Let’s stay at a little bit smaller scale, Suzy is proudly presenting us a former rock-dumping site, that she and her husband turned into a place, where you can find all sorts of (not only) edible plants and their fruits. On the farm you breath diversity everywhere you go. In forest garden design, the various plants and animals benefit from each other, being protected as in a real forest. In contrast to monoculture, no machinery is needed. In a similar way, various people were joining Suzy for more or less time, bringing in their intelligence and inspiration to create the place as it is today.

Some of the projects we started on Monday in “our” garden are beginning to show its results, what is so satisfying for the people working in them. Man’s cave sign is hanging in the shelter, and “Bring water to the Man’s cave” is about to be terminated, as the main pipes are already installed. Moreover, some more work is being started as collecting the water from the rain.
Having our knowledge to test, our Jesuits prepared a quiz for us related to Ecology and Ignatian Spirituality. Even discussing some sources where the answers came from, it has been so fun reviewing what we have learned during this past days.