Day 4: Growing Together

A class of children was shown a white paper with a little spot in the middle. “What can you see?” the teacher asked. “A black point”. Even using a bigger paper, the answer was the same. Ignatian way of reviewing the day tends to focus on the white paper instead of the dot. When reviewing the day, we should look at the good moments to give thanks of, and then, if we have enough time, look what we have to improve and say sorry. If after that there is still the possibility, it’s the time to bid. But still the most important is to reflect on everything that went well, gifts you have to be grateful for.

The different gifts in the group were employed in a good manner. For some swapping tasks turned out to be a good experience, as they found themselves confronted with new situations, breaking out from slight routine they already got into since yesterday. Also, the two separate trenches we started digging yesterday were joined together and now build a nice ensemble.

Fighting as a community becomes more and more a natural habit for us. Putting our forces together, we resisted nearly effortless the cold Irish Sea in a rather grey and nearly rainy moment of the day. Honestly, it was one of the best events of the day! The algae found at our feet had convenient aerodynamics, so there was no need of a ball or frisbee made of plastics. Very ecological?!

As friends who met each other years ago, we spend a lovely evening enjoying a good Guinness and discovering the better taste with a dash of blackcurrant. Another time, nature made our life sweeter.

Ursula and Pablo