Day 2: Step of Trust

Light can be seen through the roof. A shower seems to be over my tent. No clock in it. Will it be time to go downstairs? Will they be waiting for me to start the morning prayer? I’m so tired so I continue sleeping. The attack to my tent seems to be stopped and some birds sing on a clear sky. A gentle bell, that means time to wake up. Hopefully before I had not decided to go out and had a natural cloudy shadow but I stayed in my shell.

Batteries reloaded with some porridge, brain is ready to learn about who Saint Ignatius was and the Ignatian way of empathising with biblical passages. Time to put theory to practise and do it ourselves. What better than doing it straight after the gospel.

As Sunday is the day of the Lord, it is time to have some relaxing activity. Imagine standing on a rope thinner as a leaf, nothing at your sides to hold. Do not be afraid reminds the topic of today. You know you can do it, you can get to the end and reach the next tree. But a sudden wind surprises and unbalances you, but it is, always holding you, helping to rise and try it again. This time was only a rope connected to your harness, but remember that there will be always someone you will need to trust on to rise again when you are down.

Some rain spoils the waiting to go back home, but it is only water, so just enjoy it. Everyone needed a day like this, just relaxing and enjoying the nature around us and feeling part of it through the forest activity. The group is getting closer as we open ourselves to the rest. Tomorrow we will start hard work, so we better rest.

Pablo & Ursula