Day 2: Do not be Afraid

Sunday brought a great present: the time schedule allowed us to sleep longer (well, exactly 30 minutes, but you take what you can…). Another (real!) gift was the spiritual food we received during the morning, in the form of a compact insight into Ignatian Spirituality. The introduction to the subject presented a context in which a deeper understanding of MAG+S is possible. Directly afterwards we were given another possibility to put into action what we had just heard, as a guided meditation in the Ignatian sense was part of mass.

2014-08-10 17.37.27

In the afternoon there was action of a different kind. To overcome the idleness that usually sets in after lunch, we wandered through the breathtaking scenery surrounding us.  Later, all the owls, eagles and bees, lions, doves as well as the giraffes turned into Tarzans or Janes and swung on ropes from tree to tree. But perhaps we were sometimes a bit more like early-stage Janes, as once in a while we had to bring back to our minds the motto of the day: “Do not be afraid!”. The visit in the zipline park was a good experience, showing our boundaries but – more intensely and important – our possibilities and sense of encouraging each other. Besides we had a lot of fun!