Day 1: Faith Moves Mountains

So this is the beginning of our new ecological way of living – the journey inside the journey starts!

The sunshine made it much easier to get up at an early hour, it shone warm on our faces and filled our minds with bright images of the coming days.

We were dreaming of putting together all the know-how we would acquire during this promising next week and – from the re-gathering of all experience groups on – we wanted to be able to easily find the right paths for pilgrimage. If we would get lost nevertheless there would be no problem for us to live with and from nature in the forest.


Then the school we filled with life during school holidays got more and more empty while the different experience groups left one after another. Finally only our experience group remained in the school, waiting for the departure and hoping to be ready for all the encounters, great moments as well as physical and mental challenges to come.

The family that opens their house and garden for us came to pick us up. We are truly thankful for the wonderful welcome we received. Following the names of the different rooms we stay in, we now are called busy bees, lions, eagles, owls and doves. And we were told, that this nomenclature would gain a deeper meaning very soon…

We remembered Edith Stein, a highly intelligent but humble philosopher and nun that died in Auschwitz exactly 72 years ago.

Directly in front of  the huge window of our gathering room and chapel the Sugarloaf rises. With direct view on this Wicklow mountain, the Gospel from Matthew 17:14-20 we heard today telling about faith moving mountains was especially impressive.

By the way: There are people in our group are able to finish a puzzle of Ireland’s 32 counties in under a minute!

Greetings from Wicklow,

Pablo & Ursula