Day 5 : St. Freddy of Glendalough, the Dog

eastcoast5Instead of showery with a chance of sun, today we had sun with a chance of shower. So pilgrims were very happy. But I actually don’t care about the rain, I just shake myself and the water is off.

Anyway, today got started with this old man the pilgrims call “Father Michael” who would just keep on talking about this man called “Kevin”  who just wouldn’t come to feed me (my favourite thing), although he was even called a “man of miracles”. Father Michael took the pilgrims to this 1000 year old building without roof and talked about those really nice people called “saints” who wouldn’t show up to feed me either. Then finally, after what seemed to be (dog) years, we started walking (my favourite thing). We often went uphill (my favourite thing), downhill (my. favourite thing) and sometimes over flat land (my favourite thing), but it all went so slow… (not my favourite thing). While I was jumping from the front to the back of the group and again to the front (my favourite thing), the pilgrims climbed the hills as if they were trolls. On top of the mountain weall stopped and had lunch (my favourite thing) in a little hut which protected us from the rain. For some time, the pilgrims walked in silence – I think they reflected on “community” – but I was still allowed to bark. After a really cool hike with many breaks, we arrived to Roundwood. This was really exciting, as we already arrived in the early afternoon and there was time left to do different things. Some pilgrims went for a walk to discover the village,some went to the shop to buy things (I hoped there would be a nice sausage for me (my favourite thing), but there wasn’t) and some went to have a coffee and scones. What was also differnt today was that the boys cleaned up after dinner while the girls went to the pub for a guinness. But then we had our normal routine back. We had our evening prayer and Magis Circle during which I would sleep (my favourite thing) on the knees of my “parents” Jemma or Eoghan who lead the pilgrims through these exciting forests. I really love these days and the pilgrims and they love me. I could go on with this forever! What a pity that only humans can become Jesuits!