Day 4 : Arriving at Glendalough


Finally we have arrived to Glendalough – what an incredible place. We spent the afternoon regaining our strength for the next day which would be a very spiritual one and on which we would defeat the monster inside of us. The man who made us do this was Father Michael, a priest of Glendalough. He took us on a tour around this mysterious place, showing us how much spirituality andunderstanding one can find in nature. Our way led us through the forest. Our thoughts about its beauty were interrupted by Father Michael: “This is a commercial forest”, he explained. “Trees are all standing in perfect lines, planted in the most efficient way. This is not natural.” Our first stop was in a place where the way divided into two ways. We had a way behind us, which we could go back, a way uphill which would be exhausting, but would lead us to the top of the hill, and a way downhill which would lead us to a profound place. We followed the latter which led us to a lake – the monster lake. It’s calm and quiet, but the monster could appear at any time, maybe when you expect it the least. It is actually inside of us. We have to fight it constantly, sometimes it’s quiet and sometimes it shows up. It’s ok that it’s there, but we must never let it take over. And if you ever have problems, just look at one of these stones which is over 620 million years old – and your problems become quite small.baku79_allrightsreserved

After the tour we visited the left-overs of Glendalough and again we saw what Father Michael just taught us –  look at these church and tower ruins which have endured for over 1000 years, but the human hectic and sufferings have all gone and nature is taking it back over, only peace and calm remain – what problems do we actually have?