Day 2 : Do not be afraid

eastcoast4Have you ever been part of a biblical scene…? No? We have!

Our theme for today was: “Do not be afraid.” reflecting on the story of Jesus walking over the lake and calming the storm.

Not knowing what was awaiting us, we started our pilgrimage in the morning, enjoying for hours the sunshine, a refreshing breeze on our faces and the wonders nature has to offer. Everything was awesome until we reached the top of a mountain. Only seconds after having taken a group selfie, the sky turned dark and it started to rain. A narrow wooden path led us a long way over the mountain top, where there was no single tree or rock to give us shelter from the storm that would now arise. The wind was so strong that we struggled not to be blown off the trail, the rain fell horizontally with a power that hurt our faces, and the land turned apocalyptic. Within seconds we were wet through to our bones.

Now it was the time to remember: “Do not be afraid.” After a long fight and many prayers we finally made it to Roundwood, where, with the typical courage of a pilgrim, everyone agreed that it all was funny and fascinating.

Now, our prayer is one of gratitude that we have arrived safely. But would we ever have doubted that God was and is with us?

No, we are not afraid!

Bryan and Sandra