Day 1 : Stopping the Rain and Moving the Mountains

eastcoast2Finally, we’re off on our first day of pilgrimage. After many Irish people assuring us that there will be rain, talk of “liquid sunshine” and “four seasons in one day” most of our prayers were for good weather!

So an anxious glance out of the window this morning gave us hope: bright sunshine! Hopeful and happy we started on our way from Marlay Park through beautiful nature which again and again offered breathtaking views over forests, mountains, valleys and the city of Dublin, making everybody stop and take out their cameras, over and over again.

After a few hours of walking, we couldn’t shake this feeling that we had about the beauty and glory of nature being also very heavy-weighing, demanding both physically and mentally. At difficult moments we tended to lose our exterior focus. Looking back on this, it just had to be a change from the exterior (nature) to the interior (ourselves).

This first day of pilgrimage taught us the lesson of humility. It made us humble seeing the beauty, power and glory that can be found in nature, and humble towards others, willing to help in hard times and discovering their unique inner beauty, power and glory. It also taught us the gratitude for the rain just starting shortly after arriving at our hostel and for a simple meal or a bed which after 7 hours of walking seem to be a synonym for heaven. It taught us gratitude for a hard and demanding, but incomparably beautiful and profound day. And finally it taught us that it’s not necessary to travel to Brazil to see the Sugar Loaf as there is one in Ireland as well 😉

Today was about learning in awe, pushing boundaries, discovering limits. It truly was about moving mountains – as was our spiritual topic for today.

Bryan and Sandra