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In the spiritual experience of Magis, we can learn more about our lifevocation by being aware of how we react in different circumstances. Activity challenges us in unexpected ways and can lead us to learn much about our own selves. This helps us see ourselves in a different way and supports our relation with God at a deeper level.The challenge can come from various directions: It may be that the activity exposes us to situations that are unfamiliar. Or it may be because the people we meet have different cultural background. It can also be that relationship with companions, living conditions, being far from home, or just weariness put us to the test.

The Magis program offers various types of activity: spirituality, pilgrimage, social, volunteering, ecology, creativity, dialog on faith and culture, etc. They are different paths allowing us to take a look at the world, to seek God in all, and to get to know ourselves better. Facing others’ pain and defenselessness as a nurse in a hospital; trying to learn how to read the presence of God among the poor as a volunteer; experiencing trust and faith towards God in surrendering ourselves as a beggar on a pilgrimage; making ourselves as a farmer aware of the importance of the natural world and our responsibility for it; fostering our creativity and imagination as ways of giving expression to what lies within; trying to put that same faith of ours in touch with the cultural and artistic expressions of our societies. All these paths will be of our help during these days of experience in widening our horizon.


Icon explorers

Writing icons as a form of prayer

ce_icons Description: Our mission for these few days is to write an icon, to discover the way how it presents and protects the fundamentals of our faith. Time spent together working on icons is also a time of prayer, time of building community, and opportunity to know ourselves better.
Location: Centre of the Spirituality East–West, Košice, Slovakia
Character: Spiritual, Art
Capacity: 12 persons
Language: English, Slovak
Requirements: Passion for the icons and sacral art, perseverance at work, patience, a taste for visual art, ability to draw and paint well enough to hand write an icon in a quite limited time
Responsibles: Juraj Dufka SJ (Slovakia) and Marka Čurková (Slovakia)

Ignatian EcoGroup

Canal bank revitalization


Description: Ignatian spirituality demands a critical awareness of God’s self-offering gift in all the creation. Looking at the events in our lives from ecological perspectives moves us to deepen our commitment to the Incarnated. Reconciliation, thanksgiving, and enthusiasm in our daily lives encourages us to transform, heal, and recover the natural environment—impelling us from a sense of mere stewardship of the Earth toward a deeper covenant of membership in the order of creation. In this Magis experience, you are invited to participate in God’s healing and creating activity by cleaning the canal bank in the area of Jesuit Park, planting trees and shrubs, and collecting waste. Action is complemented with short courses in beekeeping, nature preserving, and farm animals; with spiritual discussions on ecology in the Bible, Ignatian spirituality, and Jesuit documents, or theology of environmental issues; and with recreational programs like swimming, volleyball, football, badminton. Most of the work is done in the mornings.
Character: Ecological
Location: Spirituality Centre Loyola, Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovak Republic
Capacity: 12 persons
Language: English, Slovak
Requirements: Desire to work and be in nature, good physical condition. Bring saws, hatchets, gloves, boots, swimming suit, etc.
Responsibles: Dušan Bezák SJ (Slovakia) and Peter Girašek SJ (Slovakia)

Magis Fidei

Historical pilgrimage in the Slovak Paradise

  1392775640038 Description: Meeting our history and the valuable heritage of our ancestors, we follow Pope Francis’ invitaion to re-learn to read our personal history and to appreciate the wonderful heritage of our personal ancestors and their courage to give us faith in spite of trials and obstacles. During the Magis experience, we live in a cottage in the beautiful countryside of the Slovenský raj National Park (4 km far from Spišská Nová Ves), make trips in the nature, and visit significant places with historical monuments such as Levoca Shrine of Our Lady, Spišska Nová Ves.
Character: Pilgrimage
Location: Cottage Košiarny briežok, Slovenský raj (Slovak Paradise), Slovakia
Capacity: 15 persons
Language: English, Slovak
Requirements: Good physical condition, empathy, sense of history
Responsible: Ladislav Šofranko SJ (Slovakia)

Dance experience

A dance experience

 DanceMeditation_S Description: We zoom in the small elements of our everyday experience: the expression, communication, openness, trust, listening to each other, music, movement, and vim.
Character: Art (dance)
Location: Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș), Romania
Capacity: 8 persons (4 men, 4 women)
Language: English
Requirements: Comfortable shoes, openness
Responsible: Blanka Kovács (Romania)

Márton Áron Pilgrimage

Ignatian spiritual retreat on a pilgrimage

 MartonAron_S Description: We explore a simple life in the nature: hiking in sun and in rain, staying over night in tent or in shelter, having a simple diet, and praying on the way. We learn ways of prayer, receive guidance according to the Ignatian spirituality, but the most important is the personal silent prayer and personal spiritual track. Also helps in discerning our vocation.
Character: Spiritual, Pilgrimage
Location: Form Szentegyháza (Vlahita) to Barót (Baraolt), Romania
Capacity: 10 persons
Language: Hungarian
Requirements: Bible, notebook, pen, personal necessities, sleeping bag, mattress, warm clothing, flashlight, alternative shoes, raincoat. If someone can play an easily portable instrument: guitar, violin, flute, harmonica, etc.
Responsible: Ferenc Mihalkov SJ (Hungary)

Cinematography experience

 MovieExp_S Description: Have you ever felt that you see something, but you cannot put it into words? You just look and let the pictures reach you. In this Magis experience, we make a short movie. We would like to see things and to make them be seen: gifts, beauty, and all that are out there for you. We recommend this experience for you if:

  • you are curious to have a different look,
  • you would like not only to see, but also to make things be seen,
  • you would like to test your limits in collaboration, generosity, time management, and creativity,
  • in one word, if you would like to live Magis.

Character: Art (film)
Location: Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș), Romania
Capacity: 5 persons
Language: English
Requirements: Camera or camcorder
Responsible: Blanka Kovács (Romania)

Theater experience

A theater and puppet theater experience

 TheaterExp_S Description: What will happen in this experience? We work with simple tools that we prepare by hand, and we make up a play that we are going to present to children of an orphanage and to children patients of the oncology section of the hospital.
Character: Art (theather and puppet theather)
Location: Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș), Romania
Capacity: 7 persons
Language: English
Requirements: Openness, courage, your instinctive creativity and willingness to play
Responsible: Blanka Kovács (Romania)

Csobánka retreat

Personally guided Ignatian retreat

CsobankaRetreat_S Description: “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.” (Mk 6:31) Jesus’ words have a lot to say to contemporary Christians as well. Just like the apostles, we are called to follow Him in our ordinary activities, and at the same time, in an extra-ordinary way, paying attention exclusively to him.
In the Spiritual Exercises, based on the personal life experience of Saint Ignatius, a fine method is provided to hear God’s personal voice more clearly, to learn to love Him more dearly, and to follow Him more nearly. It is a journey of guided and individual prayer, slow-paced meditation on the beauty of nature, and spiritual accompaniment on a one-to-one basis.
This Magis experience, situated in the hilly Hungarian woodland close to Budapest, aims to open ourselves to the surprises and ever-newness of God.
Character: Spiritual
Location: Society of Helpers, Csobánka, Hungary
Capacity: 10–15 persons
Language: English for liturgy, English, Spanish, German, Hungarian for personal accompaniment
Requirements: Open heart and a desire to pray
Remarks: Accomodation provided in the house of the Society of Helpers.
Team: Tamás Forrai SJ (Hungary), Szabolcs Fél SJ (Hungary), Vanda Both sa (Hungary), and Ági Czakó sa (Hungary)

Dance meditation

Discovering the loving look of Jesus and His personal invitation through meditative dance

DanceExp_S Description: We encounter Jesus through dance, movements, and gestures, warm-up and other exercises in pairs and in small groups, through awareness of our own body. During the days, we are going to have time for reflection and sharing in group. Optional individual conversation with the leader is also possible. In the evening, both the Eucharist and the Examen are going to help us find God’s work in and among us. By the end of the retreat, we can grow in recognition of the loving look of Jesus.
Character: Spiritual, Art
Location: Society of the Sacred Heart, Mese utca 11–13., Budapest, Hungar
Capacity: 12 persons
Language: English, Hungarian
Requirements: Bible, notebook, pen, socks!!!, light clothing, deodorant
Remarks: Accomodation provided in the house of the Society of the Sacred Heart.
Responsibles: Anna Csókási RSCJ (Hungary) and Borbála Várkonyi

Living Stones

Announcing the Gospel through works of art

LivingStones_S Description: Churches are places of communion between people and God. They are not museums of sacred art, but living places, born from the prayer of a local Christian community. Their pieces of art are “visible prayers” which their authors share with us through many centuries. In one of the historical churches in the center of Budapest we reveal the true meaning of works of art, learn something about their symbolism, and get to know closer the lives of saints venerated in the church. In free guided tours, we announce the beauty of faith to tourists from all over the world: we welcome them in the church as in a place where they can feel at home, we show them that works of sacred art speak also about their own lives, and we guide them through the visible sacred space so that they can enter the sacred space in their hearts.
Character: Art
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Capacity: 10 persons
Language: English
Requirements: Desire to share and to proclaim the beauty of faith, sense of history and art
Remarks: Accomodation provided in the Jesuit Center.
Team: Living Stones group from the Czech Republic
Responsible: Lenka Češková (Czech Republic)

Martha experience

Serving the participants of Magis CE

MarthaExp_S Description: Martha of Bethany expressed her love of the Lord by welcoming Him into her house and serving Him. In this Magis experience, you are invited to welcome the other 100+ participants of Magis into our headquarters in Budapest, while also finding means of prayer, celebration, sharing, and examen during the service.
Character: Social
Location: Párbeszéd Háza Jesuit Center, Horánszky utca 20., Budapest, Hungary
Capacity: 15 persons
Language: English
Requirements: Desire to take part in organizing large events
Remarks: Accomodation provided in the Jesuit Center. Participants of the Martha experience may expect a reduction of € 35 from the participation fee, technical details of the payment to be precised on demand.
Responsible: Domonkos Kajtor, Ferenc Kiss, Kinga Urbá

Playing together

Social experience in Avas district, Miskolc

PlayingTogether_S Description: In Eastern-Europe, the material and spiritual misery of many gypsy families is undoubtedly one of the greatest social challenges of our days. In Miskolc, an industrial city of North-East Hungary, many gypsy families are afflicted by the poverty because of parental unemployment. During summertime, children are on the streets every day without proper occupation and care. In this Magis experience, we organize programs for these children (games, music, theater, basic English courses, etc.), invite them to eat together with us, and teach them how to pray.
Character: Social
Location: The Jesuit High School, Miskolc, Hungary
Capacity: 15 persons
Language: English
Requirements: Desire to be and to play with poor children, basic knowledge of English which will be our common language
Remarks: Accomodation provided in the Jesuit High School.
Responsible: György Hiba SJ (Hungary) and Fruzsina Tóth (Hungary)

Taizé music

Experience of prayer and community life with songs from Taizé

 TaizeMusic_S Description: Program of this group includes time for inner reflections and common prayer with songs from Taizé. The morning time is dedicated to silence and sharing in small groups. In the afternoon, there are musical workshops learning songs from Taizé in four voices with solos in different languages. Evening prayers are open for everybody in one of the large churches situated in the city of Budapest. Relaxing, swimming, and sightseeing possibilities are also offered. We invite you to seek and find Jesus, our Lord through music, sung prayer, and community life.Character: Spiritual, Art
Location: Párbeszéd Háza Jesuit Center, Horánszky utca 20., Budapest, Hungary
Capacity: 30 persons
Language: English
Requirements: Positive attitude to songs from Taizé, silence, and prayer. Good ear for music. Basic experience with singing.
Remarks: Accomodation provided in the Jesuit Center.
Responsibles: Annamária Kertész (Hungary), Zsolt Bálint (Hungary), and Vlastimil Dufka SJ (Slovakia)

The well inside you

Retreat for young women

 TheWell_S Description: Are you really thirsty in the middle of the summer heat? Longing for a refreshing experience in your relationship with God? We invite you for a five-day spiritual journey: through personal prayer and reflection, sharing, discussion, creative forms of prayer using arts and films. Rest for a while in God’s loving presence. Let Him show you how your relationships (with God, people, your own self) meet. Discover how your womanhood and creativity is a sacred gift of God. Discover the well inside you. Have a look at the image reflected in His face.Character: Spiritual
Location: The Jesuit High School, Miskolc, Hungary
Capacity: 10 persons (young women)
Language: English
Requirements: Openness to God and the others, ready to use your creativity, Bible, pen, notebook or diary, and comfortable cloths
Remarks: Accomodation provided in the Jesuit High School.
Responsibles: Erika Balla SJC (Hungary) and Gabriella Mézinger SJC (Hungary)

Workaday experience

Experience God at your work place

 WorkExp_S Description: Don’t miss Magis even if your boss doesn’t give you official leave. This experience is for those young adults who work in Budapest and cannot leave their official duties. Participants stay over night with their Magis community, pray in the mornings, celebrate the Eucharist, share and examine the day in the evenings as usual in all Magis experience, but on weekdays they do their mundain affairs as the magis service. Find God everywhere, even at your office or workshop, among your colleagues or clients.
Character: Social
Location: Párbeszéd Háza Jesuit Center, Horánszky utca 20., Budapest, Hungary
Capacity: 10 persons
Language: English, Hungarian
Requirements: Accomodation and meal are provided in the Jesuit Center, but sleeping bag and mattress are needed. Participants are requested to stay over night in the Jesuit Center as well as to take part in the weekend programs.
Remarks: Reduced participation fee of € 35. The group dynamics may result in long discussions into the night. Register by 6 July at jovok@jezsuita.hu.

Responsibles:  Mária Pünkösty (Hungary)