MAGiS Central Europe

MAGiS Central Europe is an international meeting for young adults between 18 and 30 years. Participants will be mainly from Central and Eastern Europe, but those coming from other parts of the world are also very welcome. MAGiS is an international event; the common language is, therefore, English. The 2014 edition consisted of two parts:

Part I / Experiences: 19–24 July

There are different types of experiences: pilgrimage, ecological, social and creative/artistic. Venues are: Hungary, Slovakia, Romania. Although the experiences are very different from each other, there is a common structures which is based on the Ignatian Spirituality. Every day is built on five pillars: morning prayer, liturgy, the activity itself, MAGiS circle (share) and the review of the day.

Part II / Magis meeting: 2427 July

After the experiences all the MAGiS groups come together in Budapest, Hungary, for the Ignatian International Youth Festival.